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    Imperial Chemical Industries, a British multinational established a Branch in the then East Pakistan which was converted into a company after liberation, named ICI Bangladesh Manufacturers Limited. In 1992 ICI divested its investment in Bangladesh to the Management, when its name was changed to Advanced Chemical Industries (ACI) Limited.

    ‘ACI Consumer Brands’ is adding value to the daily life of consumers through its Toiletries, Home care, Hygiene, Electrical, Electronics, Mobile, Salt, Flour, Foods, Rice, Tea, Edible Oil, Paints and International businesses. ‘ACI Agribusinesses’ is the largest integrator in Bangladesh in Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries, Farm Mechanization, Infrastructure Development Services and Motorcycles. ‘ACI Retail Chain’ is the largest retail chain in the country operating through its 73 SHWAPNO outlets across the country by touching the lives of over 35,000 households each day. The company contributed Taka 3,625 million to the National Exchequer during FY 2017-2018 in the form of corporate tax, custom duty and value added tax.

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    ACI Pure Salt 500 gm

    ACI Pure Salt is processed through fully automatic machine of vacuum evaporated technology, clearly distinctive quality of 100% pure, Free Flow, Crystal White & Perfectly Iodized, packed in attractive food-grade flexible packages; that helps to ensure brilliant future generation.

    ACI Pure Atta 1 kg

    ACI Pure Flour Limited is one of the largest flour producing companies in Bangladesh delivering healthiest, purest and most hygienic flour by adopting State of the art technology.