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    Oral-B Gum Protect Soft Tooth Brush 1 pcs

    Product description Oral-B Pro-Health Gum Care toothbrush has been clinically proven to remove more plaque than a regular manual toothbrush with its CrissCross bristles, which are angled at 15° to attack plaque from the right angle.

    Oral-B All Rounder 123 (Soft) Tooth Brush 1 pcs

    Oral-B is the World's No.1 toothbrush brand which brings to you and your family revolutionary brushing solutions with best in class technology to ensure you and your family get Healthier & Cleaner mouth.

    Oral-B Essential Dental Floss 50 mtr

    Whether you have a special oral care routine, or have never flossed before, you'll find an Oral-B floss to suit your needs. Floss products can help you clean the areas that toothbrushes can't reach and keep your mouth feeling fresh and clean.

    Oral-B Fresh Mint Toothpaste 100 ml

    Multipack, money saving listing. Taking care of your family's oral health is as easy as counting from one to three. Oral-B 1-2-3 is a fluoride toothpaste with a fresh mint flavour.

    Oral B Complete Fresh Mint 500 ml

    What is mouthwash and why is it important? A thorough daily oral care routine is important to protect your teeth and gums - and it supports a bright and shining smile. Using Oral-B mouthwash will help you maintain good oral health. Additionally, Oral-B mouthwashes contain breath-freshening ingredients to help keep your whole mouth not only healthy, but fresh too. Mouthwashes are not a replacement for brushing or flossing, but should be used as an addition to your daily oral care routine.

    Pepsodent Germicheck Toothpaste 12 hours Germ Protection 200 gm

    For strong, white teeth, get the Germi Check Toothpaste from Pepsodent. The superior germ attack power helps fight cavity-causing germs even hours after Brushing and the advanced formula gives you complete oral care solution.