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    Parachute Advansed Jasmine Coconut Hair Oil 500 ml

    Parachute advanced jasmine is the modern face of Parachute advanced and is the largest variant in the portfolio. It was launched in the year 2000 as a non sticky, light and fragrant hair oil while retaining the goodness of coconut, thereby addressing the consumers need for nourishment with pleasing sensorial.

    Parachute Advansed Gold Coconut Hair Oil 400 ml

    Parachute Advansed gold coconut hair oil is made with the finest handpicked coconuts. With the goodness of pure coconut oil and vitamin e, it nourishes your hair from within to make them long, strong and gorgeous.

    Parachute Advanced Ayurvedic Gold Hair Oil 50 ml

    Parachute Advansed Ayurvedic Gold Hair Oil is an efficacious formulation that brings together the goodness of coconut oil and potent ayurvedic herbs to give you a hairfall solution that can reduce hairfall in just 15 days.

    Parachute Advanced Aloe Vera Enriched Coconut hair Oil 250 ml

    This is a first time ever that the goodness of coconut meets the magic of Aloe Vera in the New Parachute Advansed Aloe Vera Enriched Coconut Hair Oil. It makes hair stronger, softer and silkier. The product consists of Coconut Oil enriched with Aloe Vera. Regularly massage on scalp and apply across the lenghth of the hair till tip for best results.

    Parachute Advansed Ayurvedic Hot Oil 400 ml

    The warmth of love heals. So, give dry and unmanageable hair the magic of warmth with Parachute advanced ayurvedic hot oil. This coconut oil, enriched with malakangani and black pepper, deeply conditions your hair, leaving it soft and manageable. Heal your dry hair from within with this magical touch of warmth. Hair care tip, gently massage into your hair and scalp. The warmth goes up the pores and the hair oil soaks in. Wash It off for beautiful lustrous hair. Parachute advanced by marico stands for care, nurturance and beauty, and tries to fulfil the needs of its myriad consumers through various offerings in the portfolio spanning hair care. Parachute advanced brings the coconut oil in multiple variants ayurvedic gold oil, advanced aloe vera coconut hair oil and advanced jasmine hair oil. Hurry up, try out the new value pack - Parachute Advansed Ayurvedic hot oil 400 ml with free 90 ml pack.

    Parachute Advansed Coconut Hair Serum Oil 50 ml

    Now get super-nourished, gorgeous hair after every shampoo wash with the all-new Parachute Advansed Coconut Hair Serum Oil. It makes your hair soft and smooth without weighing it down and keeps perfectly set, all the time. A unique blend of coconut oil and conditioning serum, this Serum Oil is the perfect light-weight post-wash hair nourisher.