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    Akij Food and Beverage Ltd

    Akij Group's ceaseless efforts with dynamic management and support from our numerous clients have led our Group in diversifying its business activities. In the second phase, the Group went into manufacturing handmade cigarettes popularly known as bides. This sector gave a real boost to the revenue earning of the Group as well as making a substantial contribution to government exchequer. With the passage of time, the Group undertook new ventures and presently there are 15 units of industries under its umbrella like cigarettes, handmade cigarettes, printing & packaging, textiles, hand board, pharmaceutical, leather processing and real-estate business are in operation, catering jobs for more that 32,000 people in various categories.
    The Group has plans for setting up more projects. The projects are already in pipeline. Foreign investors have shown keen interest in joining with us for joint ventures. The matter is under our active consideration and will hopefully soon mature. This will also help the nation's economy growth and will create job opportunities to various professionals

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    Frutika Mango Juice 1 ltr

    The genuine and sweet taste of mango in a juice form Frutika. Frutika Mango Juice is 100% fresh, tasty and healthy

    Spa Drinking Water 2.25 ltr

    Spa is a brand of mineral water from Spa, Belgium, and is owned by the Spadel Group.