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    Bangladeshi Manufacturer

    making Quality product from local resource

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    Toothpick Local 1 Box

    A toothpick is a small thin stick of wood, plastic, bamboo, metal, bone or other substance with at least one and sometimes two pointed ends to insert between teeth to remove detritus, usually after a meal.

    Green Papaya (Net Weight ± 50 gm) 1 kg

    Locally Sourced.Deliciously sweet with musky undertones and a soft, butter-like consistency, it is no wonder the papaya was reputably called the 'fruit of the angels' by Christopher Columbus. Once considered quite exotic, they can now be found in markets throughout the year. Although there is a slight seasonal peak in early summer and fall, papaya trees produce fruit year round.

    Potol 500 gm

    Potol generally collected from locally source. Potol which is known as a Pointed gourd. Pointed gourd is a very tasty vegetable as well as cheap. Various kind of dishes can be made by Pointed gourd like boiled for stews or soups, cooked as curries or fries, and many more. There are many health benefits of eating Pointed gourd. The vegetable is rated as one of the nutritious foods and is offering vitamins like vitamin A, vitamin B1, vitamin B2 and vitamin C. Calcium provides pointed gourd also offers you very less calories and hence it helps to keep the cholesterol levels in control.

    Stolon Of Taro (Kochur Loti) 500 gm

    The health benefits of taro include its ability to improve digestion, lower your blood sugar levels, prevent certain types of cancers, protect the skin, boost vision health, increase circulation, decrease blood pressure, aid the immune system, and prevent heart disease, while also supporting muscle and nerve health. It also contains good levels of some of the valuable B-complex group of vitamins such as pyridoxine (vitamin B-6), folates, riboflavin, pantothenic acid, and thiamin.

    Kochur ful 500 gm

    Rich in Fiber and Other Important Nutrients. ... May Help Control Blood Sugar. ... May Reduce Your Risk of Heart Disease. ... May Offer Anticancer Properties. ... May Help You Lose Weight. ... Good for Your Gut. ... Versatile and Easy to Add to Your Diet.