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    Hamdard Laboratories (WAQF)

    The word “Hamdard” belongs to the Persian language, which is the combination of “Ham” and “Dard”. “Ham” means friend, “Dard” means pain, so Hamdard means friend of pain or who share the pain of others.

    Hamdard is an institution of Eastern System of Medicine dedicated for health care, and education and a movement for the promotion of morality, science and culture. Hamdard benefits from the accumulated knowledge of centuries, blends it with the latest scientific technology and converts it into efficacious herbal medicine to cure the sufferings of mankind all over the world.

    The name of Hamdard will go down in history as an institution that virtually revived and put the Eastern medicine or Unani medicine on the map. Although apparently in form it is mainly a pharmaceutical manufacturing concern, it has made contributions to several other fields of human Endeavour.

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    Ruh Afza Fruit Syrup 750 ml

    Ruh Afza Fruit Syrup